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Gender Outlaws
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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

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Welcome To Gender Outlaws
Some call me intersexed. Some say I'm a hermaphrodite, He/She, or a freak of nature. Doctors call me a birth defect. Psychiatrists would have me believe that I am a disorder.

I say my gender is as fluid as a river. Like a river that flows between the very different worlds of male and female, I touch the shores of both worlds, drawing the sands of quality from both worlds.

I as a river can be filled with turmoil and have often been said to roar as I rush through our world. That is the sole purpose of this group. A place for us to settle the turmoil that comes from living in a world that cannot seem to allow us to tarry long, and/or roar about it with those who can comprehend our meaning.

I hold my femaleness and my maleness in equal regard. I find no need to divide myself. I make no apologies for looking how I look, nor for being who I am. I find no need to conform to the segregated world anymore than that segregated world feels the need to envelope my lack of a gender allegiance.

I am the subject of scientific research. I am mankind's worst fear and could be it's best hope for humans surviving what people are doing to the earth. I am the subject of mythological tales as old as time. I've been said to hold both the strength of Hermes, and the sexuality of Aphrodite.

I am a gift to this world. A chance to view humanity without the division of gender. I'm neither defect, syndrome, nor freak of nature. I am a human being, and I am EXACTLY as I was MEANT to be. I AM A GENDER OUTLAW!

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